Property Buyers And Sellers Keep Up With Charlotte NC News

Charlotte NC News

Charlotte NC news is something millions of regional residents keep up with. From daily crime stories to local politics to weather and traffic, the headlines of each day or week matter to many. Some just tune in for school closures or sports, keeping up with the Panthers, Hornets, UNCC, Checkers, or the Knights, but there is a lot of news and a lot of people relying on it.

One group that keeps up with Charlotte NC news in particular over the long run is that of property buyers and sellers. Charlotte is one of the tightest housing markets in the country right now, with prices spiraling ever higher. While the national economy seems robust, including the housing sector, there might be a local bubble forming.

Inventory is very tight in the Charlotte area, which is actually feeding back on itself. Many sellers don’t want to list their homes out of fear of not being able to buy another one, further constricting the supply.

Mecklenburg County simply doesn’t have a lot of undeveloped land yet, as the many suburbs around Charlotte have swelled in recent decades. The completion of the ‘outer belt’ of I485 was a large contributing factor to that, as was Charlotte’s own growth. While there was once farmland between the Queen City and places like Pineville or Matthews, those towns now run up to the sides of the city so much that only locals might actually know where the boundaries are. In fact, the Charlotte Area Transporation System, or CATS, runs bus lines into the suburbs directly on many routes.

Most of the residential construction and development going on is apartment housing, but even this makes news in Charlotte. Average rents are rising past what many incomes can afford.